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We love Reading in Year 1!

Take a look at what we have been learning in phonics!

This weeks spellings are
Group 2. Group 3. Group 4. Group 5.
Up Was Come Where
Off My There Who
Can You Little Looked
Had They One Asked
Get Her Do What

Today my phonics group learned about the oo sound as in moon and zoom. We used Word Wallpaper to write some of the words on the ipads.

This weeks spellings are

Group 2                Group 3             Group 4

hat                     quit                shop

pat                     shop                chop

mat                     chip                ship

man                     zoo                 chip

can                     to                  church

Take a look at some of the literacy we have been doing this week:-

I’ve just found this super website with great ideas of how parents/carers can help their children learn to read at home 🙂

This weeks spellings are:







2 Responses to Reading, Writing, Spelling and Phonics Page

  1. Miss Dring says:

    What a good idea – thinking of some of the tricky space words you might find in your book before you start – I’ll bet that helped you when you were reading – did any of your words come up?

    How about: alien, crator, gravity, planets – did any of these words come up in your story?

  2. Mr Marsh says:

    excellent ideas to inspire and create that buzz before a story has even been read !! brilliant

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