Jack and the Flumflum Tree iMovie

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We have been weighing everything in the classroom today!


Try these games to practise your measuring skills!


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A message from Julia Donaldson

Wow! We couldn’t believe it yesterday when Julia Donaldson asked us to help her add some extra pages to her next book about Jack and the Flumflum Tree. We stretched our imagining muscles to think of new adventures for Jack, Stu and Rose.

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Real Life Maths

This week we have been using our maths skills to solve real life maths puzzles. Today we investigated how many different ways we can make 6p. There are five ways to make 6p, can you work it out?


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Jack and the FlumflumTree

Year 1 have been using Julia Donaldson’s fabulous new book ‘ Jack and the Flumflum Tree’ to get better at reading and writing.
Today we travelled to the Isle of Blowyernose to see the Flumflum tree and describe the fruits growing on it!


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Well Done Year 1

You have worked so hard this week to show your best work in phonics, literacy and maths!


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Grace Darling

We have been finding out about Grace Darling in Year 1 today. We went into the immersive space to look at images of lighthouses on a stormy sea. We imagined how it would feel to be out on the crashing waves in a little wooden rowing boat. We researched information about Grace Darling on the iPads and found out why she became famous in 1838.
Find out more here http://www.bbc.co.uk/learningzone/clips/true-stories-grace-darling/13413.html
Why was Grace Darling a famous Victorian heroine? Post on the wallwisher…
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This week the Big Maths champion is…

Tracy! Great job Tracy and well done to everyone who beat their best ever score today!


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